Berlin, August 12th and 13th

From a safe space, without judgment and full of support, the clown technique allows you to explore every corner of your soul that is forgotten, dormant or remains unknown. Through this work you can expect to discover a more authentic, trustworthy and spontaneous version of you. These results are achieved through a process full of imagination and laughter. We will cross the world of unreal dreams, and also the world of fears that as children paralyzed us, and that sometimes still catch us.
“The great joy of play, fantasy and the imagination is that for a time we are utterly spontaneous, free to imagine anything. In such a state of pure being, no thought is “unthinkable.” Nothing is “unimaginable.” That is why play and imagination tends to put us in touch with material that is ordinarily repressed. In the spontaneous dramatic play of childhood, upsetting life experiences are enacted symbolically, but this time the child is in control.” – Joan Chodorow
Clown Seeds​​ is a weekend workshop designed so you can sow in the fertile terrain of the Clown inside yourself. Imagine a space of freedom where there are a series of tools at your disposal which you can use to pursue your joy.
Clown Seeds​​ is inspired by the magical world of Clown. Here we will find out what it is to be an adult with a child's permission, in a safe space where we’ll allow ourselves to rest judgment on others, and especially on ourselves. Let's get out of the right-wrong mindset and simply Be in relationship.
In this workshop the goal is to become aware of the terrain, make contact, feel it, feel it gently, drop some clown seeds and pursue fun, play and laugh.
Where and When
  • 125€ until August 6h
  • 145€ after August 6th
Additional Information
  • The class have a limit of 12 participants, to ensure that it is a space of intimacy.
  • To guarantee your spot a payment of € 50 is mandatory.
  • The workshop has a total of 12 hours, and a certificate of participation, when requested.
  • No prior experience is necessary.

F. A. Q.

Q: What can I gain from this work?

A: People who participate in our workshops report:

  • An increase in day-to-day joy and a depletion of life

  • A reunion with his spontaneity

  • A reawakening of the curious gaze on you and your surroundings

  • A rediscovery of new and old parts of yourself, of your emotions and sensations in the body.

Q: I am a shy person, do you think this will work for me?

A: Each person makes a different path from each other, and the workshop is designed to allow that, on the other hand, part of the work we do is to build a safe space where everyone feels safe to explore from the actual place where he finds himself.

Q: I do not want to be a clown and I'm even afraid of clowns! Make sense for me to be in this workshop?

A: This is not a process of artistic development, but a process of personal exploration. All we use is the clown technique and the red nose as a mask.




Average rating

"Great space for personal development and improvement!

100% Intense and liberator! Definitely experience to repeat!"

Ana, Nurse, 31 years old

"To participate in the clown workshop was an unforgettable experience!" I laughed, jumped, jumped, danced, reflected, meditated, cried, hugged, smiled ... I gave myself time to know myself and to try myself."


Ester, Manager of social projects, 32 years old

"I just did not want to leave this workshop any more, I feel very free in the space of the clown  and I wanted to be playing in that space all the time."

Jairo, Researcher, 29 years old

"It was a wonderful trip to my depths: thoughts, feelings and dreams. I will repeat ;-)"


Pedro, Commercial Director, 39 years old